Steph. P

"Very rare to see a dealer with such integrity. Very happy with my purchase, Mike went above and beyond making everything right on a sight unseen Lotus purchase, and I will be happy to buy from them again. You can certainly buy with confidence, very trustworthy dealership with a nice variety of cars to choose from. Thank you again."

Gregory Franklin

"MY Lovely Wife and I recently flew out from California to view at 2011 ERA 427 Cobra. I had been having conversation over the phone with Michael (Owner) about the details of the Cobra and He was very helpful with answering all my questions in a timely manner. Enough so that we booked a flight to view the car. Michael was completely accurate with his description of the car, in fact it was better in person. When buying your car be sure to know what you really want and convey that to the seller as I did with Michael. A successful and quality salesperson will really hear and understand what is important to you for you to make the right decision. It takes two to tango and Michael definitely understands this process. After the test drive and some conversation we decided to purchase the beautiful Cobra and have it shipped back to our home in Benicia, California. The shipper (Alex) Michael referred to us was extremely professional and delivered the car as promised. Because of our memorable and satisfied experience with Michael and Halie of Elevation Motors if they have my next bucket list car in the future I will just tell them to ship it sight unseen. They are that good and transparent. My standards are very high and sometimes unobtainable because of my Art background and I have been selling classics and exotics for 20 plus years so I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two. Shop here at Elevation Motors and you will be satisfied."

Jorge Martinez

"I just bought a BMW I8 here. Michael is one of the owners and he was an excellent person to deal with. He was honest about everything. When I asked him what fees I might expect he said nothing! He likes to run a clean sale so the price you agree on is the price you get. Every time I called he either answered or called me back within a reasonable time frame. I saw a lot of good reviews on google so my trust level immediately went up. Since itu2019s a unique car that I was purchasing I had to fly to his dealership from Albuquerque and when I got there on Saturday they were completely ready for me. It must have taken me 20 min to do all the paperwork and leave with my car. Need leas to say I arrived, made the purchase, and am extremely happy with every step of communication and honesty I got from them. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone."

Dennis Bauer

"There are always going to be issues when you buy a classic car. Mike, Andreas and the staff at Elevation Motors bent over backwards to make things right when we encountered some challenges with my purchase of an u201886 930. I will certainly purchase my next car from them given the communication and service they provided. And my car is amazing ! Thanks Guys"

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